Halloween costume?

My friends and i have just started planning our halloween costumes to wear to school on Hallloween. One of my friends is going in a cosplay costume and the other as a can-can girl. I’ve decided i want to wear my red wool cloak but i’m not sure how to encorparate it into a costume. Any suggestions on an easy costume that requires minimal sewing??

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what are you doing on halloween?

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Best DIY Halloween Costumes on Youtube!

Theres a boat load of Halloween Tutorials floatin around on the web…..you just gotta find em like we did. Heres a few we thought needed to be seen and put to good use. Links in this episode: GiannyL- Cat Woman Costume – www.youtube.com trimm3- Scarecrow Mask – www.youtube.com Pizzadude-Ninja Costume – www.youtube.com gryphern- Dragon Wings – www.youtube.com Petrilude- Unzipped Eyes – www.youtube.com Expert Village – www.youtube.com Howcast – www.howcast.com Instructables – www.instructables.com eHow – www.ehow.com Indy Mogul’s Big Foot Test Film – www.indymogul.com

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Narnia Wardrobe

Narnia Wardrobe, or the Narnia costumes are inspired by the book and film series, “The Chronicles Of Narnia”. However, the main inspiration that paved the way for the creation of the Narnia wardrobe was the succession of the award•winning movies itself.


I.    Quick Background Of The Movies
II.    Costumes/Wardrobe
III.    Custom Made Narnia Wardrobe
A.    The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
B.    The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
IV.    Pre-made Narnia Wardrobe Available In Stores


The movie series was based on the series of novels, “The Chronicles Of Narnia” written by C.S. Lewis during the 1950s. The movie adaptation of the famous novel   series however, was released beginning the year 2005 was distributed by Walden Media, which is also owned by Walt Disney Pictures. The first installment of the epic fantasy movie, “The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” was released into theaters on December 09, 2005, and more than two(2) years after that, the second movie, “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Of Caspian” was released, particularly on the 16th of May 2008. Both movies were released by Walden Media and was directed by Andrew Adamson and produced by Mark Johnson. The third installment entitled “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader” will be released to theaters this coming December 10, 2010. The third upcoming movie, unlike it’s predecessors will be co•produced and co•released by 20th Century Fox, and was directed by Michael Apted.

Another notable fact regarding the two prior movies was that The first movie, “The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe”, garnered a total gross of $748, 806.957 from December 07, 2005 until April 2006, thereby making it the 28th highest grossing movie worldwide of all time. The second film, however, had a total gross of $419,490,26, thus having a total gross of $1,168,297,243 for both films.


For the first and second movies, “The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe” and “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”, mostly, each of the significant characters’ ensembles are being duplicated with a nearly identical costume for those who are avid watchers of the said movie especially during the time of Halloween and those who are fond of collecting items related to the said movie and/or book.

As mentioned, the Chronicles of Narnia movies 1&2 offers its fans with inspiration not only for Halloween costumes, but for the movie aficionados as well. Girls and women can dress as the medieval princess Lucy and Susan Pevensies while boys and males may wear knight costumes to portray themselves as Sir Peter or Prince Caspian.


Individuals who prefer sewing their own costumes, or would rather like to have costumes that are different from those you can avail from other stores, may find these websites of great help, especially for those who love the book and/or the movies “The Chronicles of Narnia 1&2”. Tailor made costumes would also enable you to create the wardrobe according to your own liking, but still basing it to the original style. You see, those costumes which can be usually bought at the stores are normally either too small or too large for an average consumer, and some will just be pretty lucky enough to find something that will really fit to your entire body without using at least one safety pin or a number of alterations.

A. “The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe”

Starting from the very first movie, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe”, especially “The White Witch”, with her seven transformations, each of Queen Jadis’ outfits have been described in detail in a number of websites, meaning that if you are blessed with the talent of sewing, you’d be able to create these seven transformation gowns in no time.

The first movie mainly involved the following characters:
⦿    The White Witch
⦿    The Pevensies
➣    Peter
➣    Susan
➣    Edmund
➣    Lucy
⦿    Narnia
➣    Aslan’s Followers
•    Mr. Tummus
•    Father Christmas
•    Giant Rumblebuffin
•    Fauns
•    Centaurs
•    Red Dwarfs
•    Dryads
•    Satyrs
•    Mermaids
➣    The Witch’s Army
•    Giants
•    Black Dwarfs
•    Ginarrbrik
•    Minotaurs
•    Ogres
•    Cyclops
⦿    England
➣    Professor Digory Kirke
➣    Mrs. Macready

As previously mentioned, each of these characters’ costumes have been scrutinized and explained thoroughly with regards to how to create if not the exact, at least the identical style of the said costume on some websites. Further, a  couple of websites suggest or recommend the name of the materials which were used to create the exact outfit. Frequently, they get the information regarding the materials which are and/or can be used from the designer of the said outfits themselves.. However, there are still some suggested materials that only bear resemblance to the exact item used to to form the costume it was supposed to be made of. Nevertheless, these materials are either only suggested as an alternative for the following scenarios:
-    The materials are less expensive, but only have a few differences apart from the exact material used
-    The materials can be hard to find, therefore, alternative materials are usually suggested.

As expected, the movie and the book dealt with the four Pevensie siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, all four of them and their outfits per scene are described in detail in certain websites, and as mentioned. If you are indeed proficient in sewing, then you will encounter no problem with regard to patching these things together at all. Other characters in this particular movie, such as the Narnians (including Aslan’s Followers and Witch’s Army) and our two characters from England, Professor Digory Kirke and Mrs Macready are also among those characters which also wears an outfit which were described thoroughly by certain Narnia fan-based websites.

B. “The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian”

Similar to the the very first movie, it’s sequel, “The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian”, also have all of their characters’ provided with a a meticulous description of each of their wardrobe per scene. Listed below are a couple of the main characters of the mentioned movie:
⦿    Prince Caspian
⦿    The Pevensies
➣    Peter
➣    Susan
➣    Edmund
➣    Lucy
⦿    Telemarines
➣    Miraz
➣    Prunaprismia
➣    Lord Glozelle
➣    Lord Sopespian
➣    Lord Donnon
➣    Telemarine Soldiers
⦿    Narnians
➣    Doctor Cornelius
➣    Triumpkin
➣    Nikabrik
➣    Glenstorm
➣    WImbleweather
➣    Hag
➣    Wer•wolf
        ➣    Others
•    Centaurs
•    Fauns
•    Dryads
•    Maenads

Another similarity to the first movie is that this second one also have each of the significant characters’ wardrobe per scene described thoroughly in certain Narnia fan-based websites. Usually, these websites are being updated whenever they also have formal updates from the movie itself. Furthermore, the first and second movie wardrobe custom-made how-to instructions are usually included in a particular section of one of those fan-based Narnia website, since they belong in the same category.


Narnia wardrobe or costumes are those which are available either in malls or can be ordered online. These pre-made costumes are available for mostly the lead characters of the two movies. However, majority of the costumes which are usually being sold for the two movies are only for kids and for the Pevensies and Prince Caspian only.

Compared to the custom made outfits, pre-made wardrobes only offer one design per character and has a very limited rage of sizes per customer as well. Further, due to the restricted number of designs, there may be several individuals who practically own the same kind of wardrobe.

Moreover, due to the fact that these costumes are widely purchased during halloween, especially by children, there may only be a few costumes which are in fact rarely available for teenager and adult customers who wish to purchase the wardrobes for themselves.

To basically summarize, the movies, Chronicles Of Narnia 1&2 as mentioned purely  gave way and inspired the creation of each of the costumes whether custom made nor pre-made. It really depends on the individual whether he/she wishes to use a custom-made or a pre-made wardrobe. If he/she prefers to use something a lot more affordable and does not really wish to splurge a considerable amount of money for something that can only be used either once or twice, he/she may opt to purchase the pre-made Narnia wardrobe. However, if he/she has always been a fan of the book and/or movie series, doesn’t mind to splurge an extra sum of money, and wishes to have a unique and a custom-fitted wardrobe specifically tailor made for him/her then go on and have a custom made Narnia wardrobe.

There are a lot of places as to where you can purchase your pre-made costumes or materials for your custom-made wardrobe. Use the internet as a major reference, anything can be found in the internet these days, and by one simple click, you can find everything that you need.

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Narnia Costume

Next Halloween, your children may want to go into a theme that they would love and would also be the talk of the town even after all the candies are eaten.  One great idea would be to have them wear the Narnia Costume.

Your little princess could dress up as Lucy Pevensie, the youngest of the four Pevensie children.  She is the first one among the four children to get into Narnia through the magical wardrobe in Professor Kirke’s old house and as most readers conceive, she is the one who believes in Narnia the most.  She is also the one closest to Aslan, the talking lion and has been ultimately crowned to the Glistening Eastern Sea as “Queen Lucy the Valiant.”  Your little girl would love to be her as she goes from door to door and collect the treats from Narnia.  She can be Lucy and all in an orange and white soft polyester dress with an attached black belt.  You may do her hair as Georgie Henley had in the movie from the Walden/Disney Narnia movies.

To partner with your Lucy, have your valiant young boy dress as Prince Caspian, the rightful king of Narnia.  He is the young nephew of King Miraz, even if he is the one who should be the one with the crown.  Prince Caspian was the one who blew Queen Susan’s magic horn, which brought the four Pevensie children back to Narnia.  In spite of his Telmarine bloodline, he was acknowledged as the King of Narnia, which has been approved and respected by everyone, including Aslan.  Your young prince would enjoy being Prince Caspian in a tunic with faux chainmail sleeves and attached hood, belt buckle across his chest and waist, detachable shoulder pads and a pair of dark brown pants.  For shoes, have him wear black boots and don’t forget his sword.

And for your cute and cuddly little baby, it would be fun for your little angel to be nothing less than the King of Narnia himself, Aslan.  Well, back when he was a cub at least.  He is the son of the Emperor Over the Sea.  He is wise and compassionate.  He was the guide of the four Pevensie children when they have stayed in Narnia.  He is very powerful and well respected.  You may rub these characteristics in your little one in dressing him up as the King of Narnia to be.  He would be absolutely adorable in a tan snap-close crotch jumpsuit with tail, matching attached elastic strap mittens and snap-on hood with a very furry brown mane.

Your kings and queen of Narnia is nothing but complete with the Narnia Costume.  Enjoy a magical night filled with adventure and fun.

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Best Halloween Costume Ever!

A couple months early but this is one of the coolest Halloween costumes I’ve seen. I hope they come out with a version to transform my date into Megan Fox.

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Still don’t know what your going as for Halloween? Well Threadbanger is here to give u some suggestions and fill ya in on the years biggest costumes.

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Who can tell me a fun way to make Halloween treats?

I know google and ask and foodnetwork already, so don’t tell me those!

Who has a recipe that they can acually put on a notecard? Right now?

It would be a plus if you could shape them into cool hapes with cookie cutters! If you can shape them, where can you find them? How much money?

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Halloween Costume?

Been invited to a Halloween Party, and as usual, money is tight….any creative ideas for inexpensive Halloween Costumes, for girls and guys.

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